ZIEL INTERNATIONAL is a world-class manufacturer and exporter of spare parts for trucks, trailers, tractors, earthmovers and for other engineering applications.

"ZIEL" in German means, "Target". The company's ultimate Target is to achieve "Total Customer Satisfaction".

ZIEL’s efficient and dynamic employees working on strong and disciplined principles, coordinate to gel and work as a team. This team is led by a strong and committed management that has been in the business of manufacturing and exporting quality parts for five decades and is a perfect balance of experience, technical knowhow and energy.

The high quality products are a result of the company’s approach to quality coupled with its technical knowhow. ZIEL's quality- and customer-centric approach reflects in the way ZIEL works.

In today’s world of increasing market dynamics, products from ZIEL INTERNATIONAL stand for quality, cost effectiveness, reliability. This, backed by ZIEL's prompt service ensures achievement of Total Customer Satisfaction in every deal.

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